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Tea or coffee, which is healthier?

A hot cup of coffee to perk up in the morning or a cup of tea to unwind at the end of a long and tiring day.  Tea and coffee both have their benefits and drawbacks. If a coffee lover and a tea drinker are allowed to debate- it will be never-ending with both defending their preference and listing disadvantages of the other.

Coffee: Better memory and longer life

Coffee isn’t just good enough to perk up the mornings – they boost one’s emotional well being. Friends, colleagues usually connect over a cup of coffee and it helps to relieve work stress.

Over a cup of coffee, one would connect with a colleague and find solutions or innovative ideas, while waiting for their coffee pot to brew their morning dosage. The coffee offers more than just caffeine to get through the day.

Research suggests it may help prevent chronic diseases like hypertension, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and liver diseases. A recently published journal also suggested that the more coffee people consumed, the lower their risk of dying became.

The hype about coffee causing cancer

In a recent research acrylamide, a compound found in roasted coffee beans was linked to cancer in rats, hence the hype. But there isn’t much evidence about the same for humans. Whereas studies also suggest polyphenols and antioxidants in coffee actually protect against inflammation and the development of certain cancers.

Tea: Lower cancer risk, higher bone density, stronger immune system

Tea has a more virtuous reputation – different types of tea have different types of health benefits. For example weight reduction, better immune system, lower risk of heart stroke and attack.

Tea drinkers are known to have a stronger bone density. Green and black tea contain catechizes and flavonoids. These antioxidants protect against stress. Amino acid L-theanine in green tea triggers the release of GABA which help to relax and calm the mind.

Caffeine: Disadvantage of Tea and Coffee

If tea or coffee consumed more than the permissible level can be detrimental to health. As both contain caffeine and too much of either would lead to increase anxiety, heart palpitations, insomnia, restlessness, and nausea.

Besides, consuming high amounts of unfiltered coffee can increase the cholesterol level. On the other hand, too much tea may increase the risk of brittle bones and osteoporosis. So make your choice accordingly!

In the end, all we would like to say is that both drinks have their pros and cons. But drinking them in permissible limits can be beneficial sans the sugar and heavy cream added to it.

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