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Free shipping for orders above ₹ 400 | 3 FREE samples with every order*

Kashmiri Kahwah Tea


Kashmiri Kahwah is blended keeping in mind the beautiful valleys of Kashmir. Also known as the tea of Emperors, this tea will give you refreshing feeling and bring back the memories of your vacation. An ideal celebratory beverage to enjoy with family and friends and enjoy the winters and feel cozy.

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Kashmiri Kahwah is the tea of Emperors. As the name suggests, this tea is a blend of hand-rolled Green tea and various exotic spices. We have blended this tea keeping in mind about the customers taste. You will find yourself in the beautiful valleys of Kashmir the moment you will open the pack and smell the sweet fragrance of our Kashmiri Kahwah. This herbal tea has many health benefits which includes relieving stress, improved digestive system, boosts your metabolism and also helps in losing weight.

Our Kashmiri Kahwah includes Green tea along with Cardamom, Cinnamon and Almonds. There are no added flavors in our tea.

Truly an ideal tea for relaxation and leisure.



Golden Yellow


The fresh smell of cinnamon will take your breath away with subtle taste of cardamom and nutty flavor of almonds.

kashmiri kahwah steeping

Note: Can be brewed at least 2 times.


50 gm, 100 gm

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