Free shipping for orders above ₹ 350 | Order on call +91-991.533.8010
Free shipping for orders above ₹ 350 | Order on call +91-991.533.8010

ABOUT teaGraft

teaGraft is an online tea shop that brings you the finest and the freshest blended teas straight from the plains of Assam and the hills of Darjeeling which are handcrafted with enigmatic flavors and herbs for tea lovers around the world. Tea binds people from every walk of life and we are on a mission to connect with the tea lovers around the world by sharing the world’s favorite beverage from the best tea growing areas of the world.

As a company, we believe in a personalized relationship between us and our customers, that is based on trust and a shared love for our morning cuppa.  And so we meticulously select the best teas, for the faith and trust bestowed on us by the customers.

As a company, we want to make each sip of your tea an epitome of freshness.
  1. Our primary aim is to provide you teas from the best tea estates without any compromising the quality. In this journey, we also want to show our culture and people who make Assam and Darjeeling tea special. We aim to provide different tempting flavors of tea in your cup every morning and evening which will rejuvenate your mood. We aim to bring all the tea lovers from around the world together and serve them the best quality tea.
  2. At teaGraft, our goal is to create a direct relationship between the tea growers and the customers so that all the middlemen can be eliminated and you get fresh tea at reasonable prices at your doorstep.
  3. At teaGraft, we believe in the importance of giving back to the society by helping them financially who are not fortunate enough. We are donating Rs. 10 to an NGO for every purchase you make. For this we have tied-up with an NGO, Saarthi who helps the underprivileged and trains youth to channelize their energies to become future leaders and they are also involved in women empowerment.