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Iced Tea – History and Commercialisation

iced tea

History of Iced Tea

The brewing of tea in general dates back to more than 5000 years but Iced Tea is as old as the early 20th century. It was in the year 1904, Richard Blechynden decided to pour hot tea over ice and sell it to his customers at a fair who were looking for a cool beverage on a hot summer afternoon.

Iced Tea gained popularity and became a famous beverage in North- America. It is also believed by some that the history of Iced Tea dates back to 1800s when it was prized as a secret family recipe and was served in the elite circles when you visited their home on a hot summer afternoon.

Refreshing Flavors

1.Green Iced Tea

With green tea gaining popularity, iced green tea is always on a cafe menu during summers. Popular flavors include lemon, mint, and strawberry.

2. Fruit Tea

These are herbal teas which are now available as Fruit Iced Tea. It is a favorite with the kids and also it’s safe as it’s caffeine free.

3. White Iced Tea

This one is a favorite for mango lovers as the common flavor for this one is tropical mango. White Tea has very little caffeine so you can always opt for one. Flavored or Unflavored, it’s your choice.

4. Black Iced Tea

This is the classic iced tea and the most popular one. It is available unsweetened, unflavored or sweetened and flavored with peach, raspberry and lemon being the most common accompaniments.


When Richard Blechynden sold an iced version of hot tea, it was loved by his customers and soon it became a hit across the country. It started appearing in restaurant menus and was on sale at railroad stations.

Today it is not only loved and sold in America but it is a favorite beverage across the globe. From sodas to health drinks, iced tea has gained a lot of appreciation and has traveled a large distance in its short history of existence.


Flavored or unflavored a glass of iced tea is a good substitute to sodas. One should always opt for Iced tea, as it is not only cooler and refreshing but is also a great source of natural flavors and antioxidants. It is safe and natural unless artificial sweeteners are added to it. You can select and brew any kind of tea. Besides, once you make a switch from soda to Iced Tea you wouldn’t switch back for sure.

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