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Chai – India’s favourite Drink


Anywhere in India, one would hear “Chai” before Hi! India is the second largest producer of tea, following China. It is believed that almost 80% of its production is consumed within the country. Indians consume around 837,000 tonnes of tea every year.

That’s a lot of tea! Why do Indians love it so much? There’s something special about a hot cuppa Chai be it full or cutting; early in the morning, lazy afternoons or late at night – it is right there in our blood.

Still, the question remains why do Indians love chai so much. Listed below are a few reasons why chai is India’s favourite beverage.

1. It is the first thing offered after water

Be it in an Indian home, a small retail store or a large corporate office tea is the first that that is offered to a guest.

2. Chai is for every season

Tea in monsoons is enjoyed with onion fritters or any other form of fritters.  Winters Indians don’t count the cups or notice the hour when it is consumed. Even on a hot summer afternoon, Indians won’t scrimp on their chai. Indians will sit in their air-conditioned offices or homes yet enjoy their hot cuppa chai.

3. Socialize

Chai acts as an ice-breaker in awkward situations. When visiting a prospective bride’s home; the first thing she serves is chai. Meeting with a potential customer or introducing a new team member at work chai is what you get.

4. There is a chai stall after every kilometre

So Indians never run out of the daily dosage of their favourite chai at any given hour. One can find a tea stall even at the wee hours serving hot snacks and tea. In the afternoons one will usually find huge groups clustered at these stalls.

5. Taking a chai break is mandatory

Be it a homemaker who needs a break from her daily chores or an employee who needs some “ME” time or a group of employees over a “WE” time. These chai-breaks are famous for little chit-chat sessions where a lot of information is exchanged. It can be a political discussion, or an office and neighbourhood gossip.

6. Provides immunity

In every Indian home, it is believed that the famous masala chai in different forms is a defence against common diseases. Including common cold, cough, and headache.

Whether you are tired, bored, unwell, or simply need a break from the mundane – any reason – Chai Break Toh Banta Hai!!! (tea break is mandatory).

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